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With the popularity of home broadband, How to analyze the network piece routers more and more families now use wireless routers to share computers and mobile phones for Internet access. How do they set broadband dial-up Internet access and WIFI functions? Is it clear to most of our partners? If you do not understand it, then by a small shift to introduce the wireless router settings.

First of all, first look at the appearance of the wireless router, we need to know three places:

1. The bottom of the router

The bottom of the router is marked with the default configuration Router set up not to go information after the factory. What we need to know is the user name and password set by the router's login IP and the login router.

2. The port of the router

The focus needs to be understood:

WAN mouth: generally blue, insert the broadband network into this port, do not plug in the wrong, otherwise it is not normal Internet.

RESET: if you forget the user name and password of the router, if you press the button for more than 5 seconds, reset and restore the factory settings on the energized state, then reset the router according to the default IP, user name and password at the bottom of the router.

3. The indicator of the router

SYS: the router's work indicator lights up when the power is turned on.

WLAN:WIFI wireless function indicator light, the data transmission should be green flicker.

WAN:WAN port work indicator light, under normal circumstances, broadband access network line after the insertion is bright, the data transmission should be green flicker.

1~4LAN mouth: the corresponding LAN port to connect the computer to connect the computer after the power is bright, the data transmission should be green flicker.

After knowing the appearance of the router, then look at how to set up the router:

1, use the network cable to connect any 1 computers in the LAN port and the computer network card. The local connection of the computer is set to automatically acquire IP, open the IE browser, enter the IP (, How to set the wireless router's password user name and password (admin/admin) in the address bar.

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