Horizontal censer
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A horizontal censer is a kind of incense burner, which is an instrument for burning incense. Lie censer, the shape is generally long box shape, the body can be carved auspicious pattern, some will be engraved with the truth. The material is copper, silver and so on, now also has the choice of alloy, wood, ceramics and other materials. The recumbent incense burner is popular in Tibet, used for burning incense and incense powder. Using a recumbent censer, the practice of practicing Buddhism is more like dharma. In the course of use, the light is lit and burned, the ash is not easy to fall, and can be burnt out. Especially when burning incense, more convenient. Square body horizontal incense burner is a dome or rectangular censers, set incense holes, one side of the wood, copper, stone and other materials, when used is tapped on the table, transverse lit joss stick, or lie incense fragrance will through the decorative pattern of holes on the cover up, so also known as "horizontal type incense burner. The horizontal censer is made up of two layers, the upper layer is burned incense, the lower layer is used as the storage fragrance, it is convenient to take the incense. read more:

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