Copper incense burner
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The copper censer is a censer made of copper, also called pure copper censer, because the color of the copper is more thick, and the fans of the incense burner. But because the melting point of copper is higher, so the equipment demand is higher, making time-consuming, if you want to make a good pure copper incense burner must have enough patience, and this is exactly what some small workshop. The copper censer is a copper one, named for its purple color. Copper is found in all sorts of properties. Copper is industrial pure copper, its melting point is 1083, no isomeric isomerization, and the relative density is 8.9, five times that of magnesium. It is about 15% heavier than regular steel. It has the rose red, the surface forms the oxide film is purple, so it is commonly known as copper. It is copper containing certain oxygen, so it is also called oxygen-containing copper. Censer is a kind of handicraft that has cultural background very much, the censer is in the indoor can make the use of the aroma vessel, in the outside can make the buddhist sacrificial vessel to use. In many literary verses there is a shadow of a censer. The copper incense burner is elegant and elegant, and the history and culture of the incense burner and the fine workmanship make the bronze incense burner very poetic and elegant. The appearance of the copper incense burner is full of the pure color of the streamer and the engraved patterns. Today's incense burner is the favorite of antique collectors, and they are chosen as the first choice for festive gifts. Copper incense [1] furnace is big and small, various sizes are available for you to choose. read more:

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