Purchase and configure a router or wireless router's fool strategy.
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Before answering how to configure How routers are used as switches and routers replace switch schemes, perhaps the first thing to answer is, what kind of network equipment do you need to buy? The best solution to this problem is to go to Baidu to define the network devices, such as routers, switches, wireless routing, and the meaning of related functions... I can't wait. What's good to buy?

A. if you need to divide a number of network lines from a wall to a number of desktop computers, each desktop has its own gateway, and then buy a switch.

B. if your need is to divide a number of network lines from a wall to a number of desktop computers, all desktops share a gateway, and then buy the router.

C., if your need is to divide the wall of a wall into wireless devices, then buy wireless AP. The wireless AP has only one network interface on the device.

D., if your need is to separate a web port on the wall and use it for wireless devices and desktops, then buy a router settings. Here, wireless routers refer to devices that contain 1 WAN ports and more than 1 LAN ports.

As for the choice of what brand and model, this is not much said, online check, compare the parameters, do not know the place to ask Baidu, basically there is no problem.

OK, now start with the problem of configuration. Generally speaking, the newly acquired network equipment has instructions. If the random instructions are too short, they can look up the detailed instructions on the official website. After careful reading, most of the problems can be solved. So first step, please read the instructions carefully. If the instructions are not read, or there is no time, no mood to read the instructions, and no instructions at all, then enter the second step. The second step will give the most basic setting to realize the above functions. For the above A situation, that is, the purchase is the switch, then the configuration method is very simple, is to connect the power supply, use the network line to connect the wall to the switch arbitrary interface, using network cable to connect the desktop and switch any interface, it can be used. Some users may say that I bought a router, but I want to be a switchboard, too. The answer is yes, when you need to go into the router's settings page to close the DHCP function, and then all the Wired use is normal, why not wireless network lines need to be attached to the router's LAN port. After closing the DHCP function, the setup page of the router may not be opened. If it needs to be reset, it can only be reset.

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