Huawei's new generation of routers turned out
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As we all know, Huawei smartphones are the top three in the world and the first in China, and are accelerating beyond Apple and Samsung. Huawei's intelligent routers belong to the same group of Huawei consumer business groups. They have not yet achieved the status of mobile phone business, but they also pursue the goal of “doing only first, not doing second”. Recently, the communications industry has been thundered! Huawei climbed to the top, surpassing US Cisco in one fell swoop, becoming the world's core router market first! Maybe we have all encountered such troubles, too many rooms, cut off the network intermittently; eating watermelon to blow air conditioning, when the brush is really cool, the network suddenly stuck? At home, return to run and restart the route, complaining to the operator. In many cases, it is not that the mobile phone is not receiving well, nor is the operator not giving force. It is routing it has tried its best. As people's demand for routers has gradually increased, the market for smart routers has also been seen as a scent, and countless heroes have been bent. "Millet grocery store" millet router, 360 security routing, the name of the router is actually a P2P financial management business of Fiji routers, occupying a certain share in the market, but since Huawei entered the intelligent router, the situation A change has taken place. In our traditional sense, most routers look the same, especially the external antenna is extraordinarily monotonous. In order to stand out in the market, in addition to reliable quality features, the unique look is also an attractive part. Huawei Route A1 has changed. It uses a built-in antenna design, and the overall style is more home-based. It can also be connected to smart devices with one click. read more: Grandstream Ht801 Analog Telephone Adaptor Gateway Supports Caller Id Formats SFP 10 KM BIDI Price Huawei Price List 2017 Occam Networks intros GPON ONTs for FTTP

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