Kangxi lang kiln green glaze incense burner
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Longyao green is a kind of copper - green glaze which contains copper - lime. , usually after glaze by 1300 degrees high temperature fire and become, due to the complex process, firing temperature very difficult to control, to burn out the ideal green glaze porcelain, low yield, so only a very few, and the products tend to give priority to with small. Judging from the existing porcelain pieces and objects, there are the following obvious features of longyao green: Glaze layer Longyao green glaze layer is even thinner, the glaze color is stable, showing emerald green, bright and gorgeous, the glaze surface has a strong glass-like luster, like a jade feeling. In the same kind of lang kiln green glaze is a good work. "Fly wings" In the glaze, close to the fetal body is covered with fine lines, commonly known as "fly wings". With a 10-fold magnifying glass, you can see dense tiny dots on the glaze, which I think is probably formed by small bubbles in the glaze during the high temperature firing process. "Never lose a man." But in a ring at the bottom near the foot foot hanging glaze, commonly known as "lang not flow", but the vertical glaze is very natural, like a glaze flow to the bottom of foot before trailing stop feeling, however, thick glaze glaze color deepened, the dark green read more:

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