Huawei router new smart home ecological strategy
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On March 8th, China Appliances & Electronics World Expo (AWE) was held in Shanghai. As one of the top three consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, Shanghai AWE has attracted home appliances and electronics giants from all over the world. Huawei, which is frequently deployed in the smart home industry, also unveiled at the AWE show, and exhibited the glory distributed router that won the Chinese patent gold award technology and the smart home products that were created together with the eco-partners. During the exhibition, Huawei also held the Huawei Eco-Partners Forum, together with more than 100 partners to create an open smart home ecosystem, bid farewell to intelligence and intelligence, and truly provide consumers with more convenient and intelligent products and services. In the past two years, Huawei has established a smart home ecosystem platform with Huawei router as its core through HiLink ecological strategic planning, and opened HiLink SDK, Lite OS source code and smart home cloud, and built together with developers, hardware vendors and cloud service providers. Smart home ecology. Since 2015, Huawei's smart home eco HiLink platform has accumulated more than 20 million users, accessing more than 30 categories, and working with more than 100 partners to cover more than 200 products. It is expected that this year's coverage will be more and more abundant. read more: Good Price Olt Zte Zxa10 C300 Same Olt An5116 06b Multiplexor Cwdm Dk Fotónica Cwdm Dwdm 100ghz Dwdm Huawei Smartax Ma5600t Tablero De Servicio Gpfd Olt, Ver Olt

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