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therefore we also need to open the Zte Zxmp S325 Bife Bridge Interface Of Fast Ethernet's wireless function and set up the wireless password. Then we will introduce the method of setting up the wireless network network.

1, also in the wireless router setting interface, we click the router to set the wireless settings in the left side of the interface, and then there will be a series of wireless settings. We first click on the “ basically set ” and then the wireless network basic settings will be displayed on the right side, as follows:

, as shown above, enters a name for our own wireless network at SSID location to quickly find wireless networks for wireless network signals. For example, the author, for example, filled in the name of WWW.PC841.COM (this can be filled in in any case) and then selected at the bottom. Ldquo; turn on the wireless function ” and “ turn on the SSID broadcast ” finally click the &ldquo at the bottom; save ”

2, after the completion of the above steps, we click, the left wireless set under the menu under the “ wireless security set ” the same on the right side will pop up “ Brand New Zte Gtto 10G High Speed Gpon 8 Ports Board With 8Pcs Modules Use For Olt C300 C320 network security set ” interface, the following diagram:

, as above, we first select WPA2 encryption mode, then PSK dense Code that column, fill in the wireless network password, in order to prevent other people from rubbing network, this password is as complex as possible, do not set to 12345678 what, it is easy to be guessed by people, to have the risk of being rubbed on the net, it is recommended to use the alphabet in the number of combination password. After that, we click on the &ldquo at the bottom, save the &rdquo, and then the wireless network setting of the fiber router has been completed, and at this time, if there are smartphones or notebooks or tablets around it, you can try to use the wireless network and find our own wireless network. Then, after entering the password we set up, we can connect successfully to achieve wireless internet access. The following diagram:

notebook connected to the Grandstream Ht702 704 Rj45 To Rj11 Adapter 12V Power Adapter network on the Internet

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