How to set up a fiber router
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Fiber optic Ac 100 240V To Dc 12V 1 5A Power Adapter Supply Charger For Eu Standard Plug setting tutorials are now basically a smart phone, and many users also have laptops, tablet computers and other digital products. Many family members have a high demand for wireless networks. The traditional telephone network, because of its low broadband, has also been difficult to meet the large number of family members. User demand, so many friends now pull broadband will choose better network performance of optical fiber network. But Xiaobian, a computer PepsiCo network, discovers that many friends do not know how to set up optical fiber routers. Next, Xiaobian will give a full introduction to Xiao Bai's friends.

In fact, fiber routers set up an optical fiber router setting tutorials in fact, in fact, the difference between optical fiber network lines and our ordinary telephone lines is similar. The difference is that fiber network lines do not need to connect to Modem (commonly known as "cat") dial-up Internet, but only need to connect the fiber network wire directly to the electric brain to dial the Internet, but a lot of Internet users For the optical fiber network without the cat, how to connect the router has begun to dissolve. Next, this paper will be divided into two parts of the line connection of the fiber Huawei Lh2D2L02Qfc0 2 Port 40Gbase X Interface Card and the setup of the router.

First, the connection method of optical fiber network, computer and wireless router.

Because of no cats, fiber networks need to be connected directly to the router, and a special WAN port is needed to connect the wireless router, and other four core LAN ports are connected to the computer. In addition, we need to connect the router to the wireless router. The following is a schematic diagram of the connection of optical fiber network, computer and wireless router.

A schematic diagram of a fiber network, a computer, and a wireless router, as shown above, we see a gray network line that is connected to the WAN port of the wireless router, which is different from the other four core LAN port interfaces. Distinguish, and the WAN port will be annotated under the port. In addition, the Yellow network is one end connected to the computer (the author here shows you to connect the author notebook), the other end connected to any one of the four core LAN ports of the Huawei Espace 7903X Expansion Module For Espace 7950.

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