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The first is to prepare the materials: the cold rolled rigid base plate and the stainless steel panel shall be quantitatively cut according to the predetermined gate size.
Grooves: use the planing machine to dig out V shaped groove with only 0.3 mm deep in the bending line of the substrate.
Phosphating: after the phosphating process of the substrate, the oil and rust on the surface are removed; the surface of the planing groove of the substrate and the surface of the stainless steel are coated with glue.
Airing: air the glue film coated on the two boards to the state of not sticking hands.
Bonding: two plates for bonding attachments and door plate reinforcement.
Reinforcement: finally, the door plate is strengthened by welding without affecting the appearance.
Mirror stainless steel plate can also be processed into color mirror stainless steel plate. Its color is mainly titanium gold, black titanium, bronze, rose gold, champagne gold and so on. It can be processed in various colors, and the color stainless steel mirror panels can be etched after coloring, and a variety of pattern patterns can be changed to increase the beauty. Feel.

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