New route 3 pairs of Huawei Q1 router
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As a basic device for home Internet access, the router transmits its signal as its basic function. With the rise of the concept of "smart home", the router as the "network management" of the home and the "master" of the home smart appliance become more and more clear, and the router's performance and function are important. Sex can be imagined. When I bought the router online, I found a unique rectangular parallelepiped router, which is the work of the well-known Huawei brand in the world: HUAWEI Q1 router. In order to cater to the general user's pursuit of router signal, this router has played the slogan of "low radiation, strong coverage"; it seems that there is no problem at first glance, but after careful consideration, it is found that the radiation of the router does not have much impact on the human body. Is Huawei? Intentionally misleading the public? Since we talk about the radiation of the router, let's make a science first: In the scientific community, radiation is classified as either ionizing radiation or non-ionizing radiation depending on its level of energy and its ability to ionize matter. Ionizing radiation has high energy and is very dangerous, such as the filming process of the hospital radiology department; non-ionizing radiation has low energy and low risk. read more: ZTE Boost Max N9520 Touch Screen Digitizer especificaciones sitecom ln 118 fast ethernet switch red de 5 puertos huawei s3700 campus переключатель s3700 28tp ei dc

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