Huawei set up an ultra-simple network port blind-plug router.
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The bottom of the glory route 2 is labeled with the product label. The left side is printed with the “Smart Home” App QR code, and the PC management address is The initial login has no password. It is more convenient and convenient to set up the router on the mobile phone. The cascading of Glory Route 2 is an innovative technology of glory that allows multiple glory routes to establish a wider wireless network through wireless interconnection. The entire wireless network has a WiFi name and password, so that even if the home is bigger, there is no need to worry about WiFi. The coverage is incomplete, and the HiLink protocol smart home products are also supported for one-click access to the network. Connect the router to the power supply, download the “Smart Home” App by scanning the QR code at the bottom, open the WiFi network on the mobile phone, and set up the router in a few simple steps. I will talk about the specific operation later! Glory Route 2 LED status light on the router is displayed in red before the network is set up. After setting the network, the status light is displayed in green. When the green light is on, the network is normal! Glory Route 2 introduces a new LDPC weak signal error correction algorithm to ensure lower signal transmission error rate and higher efficiency, and the signal penetration speed can be increased by 50% in a strong interference environment. Guarantee the stability and good experience of networking products in the home network! read more: Quidway S5300 Series Carrier Class Gigabit Ethernet proveedor original quidway huawei ch121 mini servidor linux 1u con 2 procesadores huawei мини маршрутизатор оптом, мини маршрутизаторы поставщики

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