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1, also in the Original Zte Zxa10 F820 F821 F822 16 Poe Gpon Epon Poe Positive Power Supply Onu Stocks setting interface, we then click the router to set the wireless settings on the left side of the interface. After that, there will be a series of wireless settings. We first click "basic settings" and then display the basic set interface of the wireless network on the right side, as follows:

As shown above, we enter a name for our own wireless network at the SSID location to facilitate the wireless setting of wireless network signals, and quickly find their own wireless networks. For example, I fill in the name of win7sky.com (this can be filled in at will), and then "open the wireless function" at the bottom. "And" turn on SSID radio, "and then click" save "at the bottom.

2. After completing the above steps, we click on the "wireless security setting" under the left Cisco Catalyst 2960S 48Td L With Lan Base Software set menu, and the "wireless network security setting" interface will be popped on the right side, as follows:

As above, we first choose WPA2 encryption, and then in the PSK password column, fill in the wireless network password, in order to prevent other people from rubbing network, this password is set as complex as possible, do not set to 12345678 what, so it is easy to be guessed by people, heavy to have the risk of being rubbed on the net, it is suggested to try to make it possible Combine the numbers with the alphabet. After that, we can click "save" at the bottom, so the wireless network setting of the fiber router has been completed. At this time, if there are smartphones or notebooks or tablet computers, we can try to use the search wireless network and find our own wireless network connection. After we input the password we set up, we can connect successfully and achieve wireless internet access.

On the laptop, the wireless network is introduced here, and all the tutorial on how to set up a fiber router is all introduced. In general, the configuration of the optical fiber wireless router is more simple than our common cat + wireless router, because there is less connection between the cat and the wireless router.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the above author demonstrates the method of setting up the +TP-Link wireless router in the fiber network. If you are the other brand routers, the basic setup steps are the same, different only are the different layout of the Huawei Hg8301 Zte Hg8301 Gpon Ont Onu 1Pots 1Fe Onu 1Pots 1Fe Ont Triple Play Onu setting interface.

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