How to deal with the oil on the cover of the incense burner
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I don't know if this incense burner is made of copper. If it is, it is better not to use detergent or other cleaning products. Otherwise, there will be a lot of flavor before the tar is completely covered. That oil is tar, which is the same tar as cigarettes, not vegetable oil. Cleaning method is to buy if you want to keep the surface clean degree, then, when will be immediately after each incense use a wet towel to wipe clean, and there the thick tar, remove method is also in your dish incense burner, or censer, use after a period of time, there is a relatively thick tar, some only incense, incense burning, tar because the quantity of heat of smoke was softened, bamboo or wooden chopsticks, tar can easily put incense burner cover off, don't wash, wash, after a lot of tar and the flavor of copper, a few days will not fade. read more:

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