Heating stove
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Heater, high thermal efficiency, using nest flow combustion, warm, clean, hygienic and can also be used for cooking, convenient and useful. The latest high-efficiency coal-saving Wang Hao heater has the following advantages over the previous stove: 1. This stove adopts unique coal-saving design, high thermal efficiency, and the same as floor heating and water temperature air conditioning. 2. The combustion chamber adopts nest-flow combustion, and the multi-tube two-way circulation heating area is increased and the temperature is raised quickly. 3, high box production, the resistance of the flame is large, the residence time is long, the thermal efficiency is greatly improved, and the coal is easy to use. 4. The furnace has a tapered design, the furnace is more prosperous, and the furnace bar adopts upright type, which is more convenient for cleaning and ignition. 5, front door open burning design, clean, hygienic, convenient, cooking and heating. 6, the stove body is enlarged, cooking is easy to use. 7, excellent quality, perfect after-sales service, so that you buy more assured. Email:contact@antsalliance.com Related products:

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