Gas furnace advantages
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There are many styles to choose from. When choosing, make sure that the burner has a sealing ring that can be tightly integrated with the gas canister without leaking. Gas has propane, butane, isobutane and other types. Generally, the gas tanks for high mountains are mostly mixed, which can help the combustion to be stable and continuous, and can still be operated at minus 1 degree. Recommended use: Developed country, high altitude environment Advantages Disadvantages ·Easy to control the fire ·The fuel is not easy to obtain ·High safety and simple structure ·Preheating at sub-zero temperature ·Easy operation ·Check the seal ring if necessary ·Combustion is fast and efficient ·It is easily affected by strong winds ·Can still be used in high altitude environment · Empty cans can not be recycled and reused Related products:

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