Stainless steel roast lamb oven in Jilin restaurant
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I believe that many friends are familiar with the oven equipment. In fact, they are the same as the kitchen equipment at home, but they are more complete than the home, and they are more versatile. However, many of these commonly used roast oven equipment are also doped with a lot of quality, and the choice of roast oven equipment is relatively important. Whether the quality of the roast oven is up to standard is related to the length of the equipment. In order to facilitate everyone's choice in the future, Xintai Roasted Lamb Furnace introduces the tips for identifying the thermal efficiency of the roasting oven equipment. Understanding thermal efficiency: Thermal efficiency is an important indicator for measuring the energy saving of roasting oven equipment in a roast oven equipment. The gas industry uses this indicator to measure whether the stove is energy-saving, and the test report issued by a professional third party shall prevail. Generally, roast oven equipment with a thermal efficiency of more than 70% is a good choice. Related products:

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