Vehicle-mounted movable stainless steel gas-fired sweet potato stove
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Product features: 1. Strong structure, very durable, steel tube heating, food heating fast, and no direct contact with charcoal, clean and sanitary. 2 built-in asbestos insulation layer, good insulation effect, save gas. 3. Exquisite workmanship and beautiful appearance. 4. Charcoal burning, coal burning, wood burning, etc., without electricity, convenient to move. 5 can be baked sweet potato (sweet potato), baked jade baked potatoes, baked pears, baked sugar cane, baked bananas, etc., can be in the market, the station, the entrance to the supermarket, the market, the school gate management, is you start a business to get rich good helper. 鍦 play ð ª ­ read more:

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