Self-priming pump needs no bottom valve
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The self-priming pump has a check valve at its inlet, which is commonly known as a one-way valve, so that after the pump stops, the liquid in the pump body can not flow back to the original pool, and stored in the pump body, so the second time of use does not need to be filled with liquid. If the bottom valve is installed, the effect will be better, because if the one-way valve is damaged sometimes, and the bottom valve is used as a guarantee, there will be no idling, and after the bottom valve is installed, the effective suction distance of the pump will also be effectively guaranteed. Another special case, but if the inhalation height difference is too large, or the diameter of the suction pipe is too large, the volume exceeds the volume of liquid stored in the pump chamber of the self-priming pump, it will not work properly. At this time, the bottom valve must be installed to ensure the self-priming safety and speed. read more:

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