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Animations from the menu bar at the top of the window.avigate to the monster you want to edit and click the little runescape gold plus sign next to it, to expand the list of all of it's behaviors and their related animations.1 Right click at the top of the list where it says Actors\\behaviors \etc and select 'Insert Child'. This will bring up a list of new behaviors you can add.

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STEP 4 Add MonsterMorph To A SkillIn order to use the new monstermorph state we just created in the game, we first must apply it to one of the skills in the game. For this tutorial, I'll be applying it to the Paladin's 'prayer' skill as it is passive. This means once you reach level 2 as a paladin and choose that passive skill, you will immediately and permanently become your monster of choice.

Press ctrl + F and type in 'prayer' then hit find. This will go to the line where the Paladin's prayer skill is located. Now scroll over to the collumns called 'aurastate' and 'auratargetstate' and replace each of these collums with 'monstermorph' (or whatever you named your new morph state in Step 2).

Make sure everything is still very clean. There must be NO excessive tension anywhere in your arms, hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, head or anywhere else. Watch to make sure you have no excessive or unnecessary movements in either hand. For some guitarists, this first step is very boring. You MUST remain patient with yourself, and the process, during this time. This is absolutely critical! If you skip this step,

you will probably train your hands to play incorrectly, inefficiently and ineffectively. At this stage you are developing the proper muscle memory for this technique. If you are currently studying with a great guitar teacher, your progress will be much faster, easier and better than if you attempt to do this on your own. Once you have mastered stage two, you may move on to stage three, but not before!

Above I said you should practice this stage for 5 consecutive practice sessions. That is only a general guideline, after the 5th session, reevaluate your progress. Do this for 3 consecutive practice sessions. Again, make sure everything remains very clean. Play relaxed without tension anywhere in your arms, hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, etc. Watch to make sure you have no excessive or unnecessary movements in either hand. Do not move on until this step is mastered (it could take longer than 3 sessions, but do NOT move on to stage 4 before practicing for 3 sessions. Stage 4: Practice at 60 65% of your maximum speed. Do this for 3 consecutive practice sessions. Do this for 5 consecutive practice sessions. Stage 6: Practice at 85% of your maximum speed for the next (1) practice session only.

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