The story of the moon
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The story of the Moon. (Lteraturaly translated)

It was all for Moses, all ghost.  In the fact, Duh...! Exaggerated that is the worst fore teen... off with it... you lied... Man believed in six tea nine.  A we die all prediction shook places and I’m see ‘em... You need verse shows still, die all.  The transmuted picture was the resources of: Tried of an angle said... Off! rid, yell out, and blues lies is sad.  At commune for all... the point of being adjusted accordingly to eat the other... two created end.  Off the pages, hollowed a graphic image of an underbelly Eva be lies at accused ate it, rotted eating, or bitten, ended light I’m meeting, see fear.  Off the find, sends sharp lies like a grand ball of see wit and say:” cheese !”

The most counting feisty off the life... forms nouns tooled man to add the time we are radio-activated mutated... lice.   Admitted to the knight, wild and muffled, off the ordinary creases sure...!  we’re asleep, the lice flocked out and set all clocks of date and time, backing for free:- you’re  ahead to synchronize with the Chinese lunar calendar to highlight:- You Are Offed The Ice!


Everybody says that the most thread ending and actions thought tu be ahead, off the technology, and military was... they’re at your ass, but we all know that the Chinese were all over the town because they populate like rabbits.


Screening through security cameras, people found out that the lice had not only changed dates and time, they also hacked commuters, destroy vitamin in proper teas, spread poisons, print and delivered media to provoke propaganda via books, newspapers, internet, radios, televisions, even in miscellaneous documents in home and business printers... Well, they did the worst we can think of.


The suggested demand shown in the assembled message was clear:


-The Chinese rules the world


-The world’s security is at our mercy


-For a piece of my mind, we suggest you co-operate


-Be ringed your ass... the moan


-Do all Die


Seeing that the lice possess superiority in influences, wit, power, finance, communication, health, even in a certain extend... weapons, the US quickly co-operates and constructed a multistage rocket... Appeals to all I’m even to accommodate the trip to the moon.


The Chinese whose were known to have significant influence on the world through their arts and literature also co-operated but very unwillingly spun a very funny epic story to commemorate the hero in the picture.  The story was about an honest wood chopper named “Cuội” who discovered the secret ingredients of eternal youth and cure to all disease from the root of the “Đa” tree, cured the Overlord’s beautiful daughter named “Hằng” from a strange illness and in return given to him her hands in marriage but she accidentally urinated on the “Đa” tree and the tree uprooted and flew to the moon taking Cuội and Hằng with it as Cuội tried to hang on the tree with his act and Hằng hanged on to Cuội’s feat.


The Alliance who were happened to be watching also acted and after careful calculations launched an invasion on the world to pay homage to the cows whose they thought to be the main source and supply of dairy products in the making of cheese.


Witnessing the mighty destructive power of the Alliance, the cows took advantage of the situation and demanded the world to submits to their kind and said : ”More...”


Seeing the potential power of the Alliance can be very easily manipulated because of their gullibility, The U.S launched Apollo 11 into space and produced a studio created scene of a moon landing made by New I’m strong with the catch phrase “A small step for me, a giant leap for mankind” hoping to convince the Alliance that the moon was already claimed by Man.


The rest of the world were very worry about what the Alliance might do if one day they found out that they were being had, took no chance and spread news through the grapevine that the mice are a bunch of scary cat, the cow jumped all over the moon, the galaxy is in fact called the milky way, the story of Cuội is a lie, and if the Alliance gets pissed off like Hằng in the story did, the world would turn upside down and end up in chaos.


The Alliance comprehended the situation and send a message demanding the truth:” So...What’s the whole story? “


The U.S explained:” We wouldn’t want to fook around with you... up there is nothing but a hole”


The Chinese explained:” You wouldn’t want to fook around like our hero of the story... See what a leaky hole could cause?”


The Lice explained:” All we wanted was to fill our empty hole with a ball of holes”


The Cow explained:” Every body uses dairy product so every one depends on my hole... so there!”


New I’m strong explained: “They said after I finished my act, they’ll give me a hole to fook with, I’m fed up to the teeth with playing with my joystick”


The lead actor of the story, Cuội sighed: “Just because of one whore with a hole and there go my secret of eternal life”


Hằng protested: “ If you would have fooked my hole, you’d  have found out that eternal life is meaningless without it”


Well folks... the moral of the story is... you wouldn’t want to fook around with anything with a hole.... see what a hell hole it caused?”

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